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Our Service Begins With You

At MedFlight911, we offer this promise to each and every one of our valued clients: "Our Service Begins with You."

That means from the moment you call our office we will:

  • Go above and beyond to help and serve you.
  • Make the process simple, easy and worry-free.
  • Take care of every detail so you don't have to.
  • Act as your partner and advocate throughout the process.
  • Treat your patient / loved one like family.
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MedFlight911 Blog

MedFlight911 Helps Couple Celebrate 60th Wedding Anniversary

medical-motorcoach-mealsAt MedFlight911, we develop a special relationship with every patient we serve. We really do love getting to know them and their families as we organize their air ambulance or other medical transport. And sometimes, their stories are so heartwarming we feel compelled to share them with you. Here's one of those stories.

Last summer, we received a call in the MedFlight911 offices from a man who was looking to arrange transport for his elderly parents. They were getting up there in years—both husband and wife were in their 80s—and they and their family decided it just wasn't safe for them them live on their own any more, especially since their home was in a fairly remote area. After talking to the son and learning more about his parents' condition, we agreed that a medical motor coach was the best way to get them to where they needed to be.

Our medical motor coach trip would take us from rural Maine to a retirement community in upstate New York, close to where their son and his family lived. While the couple was elderly, they were still in fairly good health, so we were anticipating a fairly straightforward trip. Then MedFlight911 received another call from the son. He didn't want to trouble us, but his parents had a special request. His parents would be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary shortly after leaving their home of many years. They realized that they might not have a chance to return to the area any time soon, and they wanted to make a special stop at a restaurant along the way that was known for its amazing blueberry pancakes. The restaurant had been there for decades, and the couple had eaten their many times on their summer vacations and road trips with the kids. They wanted to make one last visit to celebrate their six decades of marriage. Of course, it was a request that we couldn't refuse.

We took a look at our medical transport itinerary and realized that stopping at the restaurant would require only a small detour from our planned route. If we timed everything just right, we should be able to make it to the restaurant just before it closed for the night. So, we called the son back and told him to tell his parents to get ready to eat some pancakes. To be honest, the MedFlight911 crew was looking forward to the side trip too.

When the day of the transport arrived, everything went smoothly. The couple were fun and friendly as we got them onto the medical motor coach, and were so grateful that they'd have the chance to visit a spot that held such special memories for them one more time. While we ended up running a few minutes behind schedule due to some traffic delays, we called ahead to the restaurant and explained the situation to the staff, who said they'd be more than happy to stay open a little longer so that the couple could celebrate their diamond anniversary just they way they wanted. When we finally arrived, everyone was so excited, from the couple, to the restaurant staff, to everyone on the MedFlight911 team. We were so grateful to share in this couple's special day and it felt great to go that extra mile for two of our wonderful patients. And the pancakes? They really were delicious.

Are you interested in learning more about MedFlight911's medical motor coach services? Give us a call at 888-359-1911 or get a no-obligation air medical transport quote here.

Possible TB Patient On Flight Is a Reminder of the Risks of Traveling When Sick

medical-escort-sick-patientsEarlier this week, a news story about a plane full of passengers who may have been exposed to TB caught our attention in the MedFlight911 offices. You may have seen the same report, about a man suspected of having active TB who was removed from a commercial flight. The man was flying from Austin, Texas, on a flight bound for Phoenix. When the plane landed, emergency medical crews boarded the aircraft, removed the passenger, and then informed the other travelers that they had been exposed to tuberculosis. It's easy to imagine how panicked those other passengers must have felt when they heard that announcement.

This story is still developing, so it's hard to know exactly what happened (in fact, it was recently confirmed that the man in question does not have infectious TB) and how it could have been better handled. One thing to know is that patients with serious infectious diseases like active TB can be placed on the CDC's "Do Not Board" list, which temporarily bars them from flying. That didn't happen in this case. The other thing to know is that the even if the man did have active TB, the chances of him infecting other passengers were low, given the short duration of the flight and his lack of overall symptoms. Still, it's a troubling occurrence that reminds us of the dangers of flying—and the possible advantage of flying with an air medical escort.

Of course, a person with active TB or a similar communicable disease shouldn't be getting on a commercial flight at all. But many people don't know that. Working with an experienced air medical transport company can help sick people determine when it's OK for them to fly commercial and when they may need to opt for a different method of transport, like an air ambulance. An air medical escort company will work with you and your airline to make sure you'll be allowed to board the plane (it's not uncommon for sick patients to be denied boarding at the gate because the airline just doesn't want to take the risk of flying them), in addition to helping you navigate all the challenges of getting from point A to point B. But how do you know that the air medical escort company has the experience necessary to provide the assistance you need? Unfortunately, that's a hard thing to do. Recently, a number of air medical escort companies have sprung up, promising to help with your air medical transport needs. But there's no easy way to evaluate these providers experience or skills. Online reviews and reports from groups like the Better Business Bureau can help (at MedFlight911, we're proud of our A rating from the BBB). But your best bet is usually to ask for references from former patients. Speaking to a satisfied (or unsatisfied) customer is a great way to evaluate a company and the service it provides.

That kind of research, while time consuming, is important. Fly-by-night air medical escorts may appear legitimate on the surface (after all, it's not hard to post an ad on Craigslist or set up a website), but they may not have the knowledge to deal with complicated medical situations. Or, they may be willing to take on extra risks to make a buck. Like any industry, the level of service you receive can vary dramatically from company to company, and the maxim "buyer beware" is a good one to keep in mind when choosing an air medical transport company.

Are you interested in learning more about MedFlight911's air medical escort services? Give us a call at 888-359-1911 or get a no-obligation air medical transport quote here.

Giving Thanks at MedFlight911

medflight911-holiday-thanksEvery Thanksgiving, the MedFlight911 team likes to take a few moments and give thanks for all the amazing opportunities and experiences we've been able to enjoy over the past year. This year, we're thankful that we've been able to:

Positively impact patient lives. Every patient we serve is special. Whether we're arranging an air ambulance trip, a medical motor coach transport, or coordinating an air medical escort, it's gratifying to know that we're making a real difference for them and their families.

Grow our MedFlight911 family. We've added even more talented people to our team, which means that we're able to serve a greater number of patients.  We pride ourselves in treating our patients as if they are our family. This year, we not only grew our talented team, but our MedFlight911 patient family grew as well.

Successfully champion for insurance benefits for numerous families. Getting insurance reimbursement for an air ambulance trip can be challenging. Insurers may be resistant to covering the expense, which can put air medical transport out of reach for some patients. We always do our best to work with insurers to help patients get insurance benefits that will allow them to afford an air ambulance trip for themselves or a loved one.

We are also thankful that the past 12 months have involved:

100% client satisfaction. The best thanks we receive comes directly from our patients and their families. It's always a great feeling when we receive letters and emails from patients expressing their gratitude for the work we do, like this one, from the family of a man who we moved from Florida to Boston via medical motor coach.

Amazing medical personnel and air ambulance pilots. MedFlight911 wouldn't be exist if it weren't for all the hard work of our talented medical personnel and air ambulance pilots. Because of their amazing efforts and dedication, we're able to do a great job for patients, every day.

Safe and reliable aircraft. Safety is a priority at MedFlight911. Our entire team is committed to ensuring safe trips for our patients, medical personnel and crew. We're fortunate to have enjoyed yet another year without any safety incidents.

What are you thankful for this year?

Interested in learning more about MedFlight911's air ambulance or air medical escort services? Give us a call at 888-359-1911 or get a no-obligation air medical transport quote here.

Stay Safe During Holiday Travel

medical-transport-safety-airplane-train-bus-carThe Thanksgiving weekend is one of the biggest travel times of the year, with more than 25 million people traveling 50 miles or more on Thanksgiving Day alone. Whether you're making a trip via car, airplane, or train, you should take steps to stay safe while on the go. Doing so may help you avoid an unwanted journey back home in an air ambulance. Read on for MedFlight911's holiday travel tips.

Drive safe: Make sure that everyone in the car always wears a seat belt, and that young kids travel in a car seat. If the weather is bad, use caution, or stay off the roads entirely if possible. And remember, never drink and drive. Even a minor car accident can lead to injuries that require an air medical transport back to your home.

Prepare for the worst: If you'll be traveling by car, pack a disaster supplies kit. You never know when bad weather or an accident could leave you stranded. Make sure you have jumper cables, a spare tire, batteries, a flashlight, and other essentials, as well as food, water, and blankets. If you'll be driving somewhere where snow and ice are a possibility, include an ice scraper and sand or cat litter for better tire traction. Make sure someone knows where you're traveling and when you plan on arriving, so that they can alert authorities if you don't arrive. An accident can lead to an unexpected trip in an air ambulance.

In the air: Statistically, air travel is less risky than driving, but there are still some basic steps you can take to stay safe at 30,000 feet. Pack your medication in your carry-on luggage in case your checked bags are lost. If you have a medical condition, check with your doctor to make sure you are safe to fly. If you have mobility issues or another condition that could make navigating the airport difficult, consider hiring an air medical escort to assist. MedFlight911's air medical escorts will travel with you and make sure that you get to your destination safely.medical-transport-airport

Stretch your legs: Sitting for long periods of a time (such as when on an airplane or a long car trip) can lead to a serious condition called deep vein thrombosis, a condition which causes blot clots to form in your legs. A clot can eventually break loose, travel through your blood, and eventually cause a potentially fatal pulmonary embolism. If you'll be sitting for a long time, our air ambulance medical crew suggests trying to get up occasionally and walk around. If that's not possible, you can exercise your calf muscles by raising and lowering your toes while keeping your heels on the floor, and raising and lowering your heels while keeping your toes on the floor.

The holiday season should be a time of joy and celebration. Keep them that way by taking steps to avoid a journey in an air ambulance. Use common sense, follow basic safety tips, and if necessary, travel with an air medical escort who can help you get to where you need to be.

Happy holidays from everyone at MedFlight911 air ambulance!

Interested in learning more about MedFlight911's air ambulance or air medical escort services? Give us a call at 888-359-1911 or get a no-obligation air medical transport quote here.

Case Managers, Prepare for Flu Season

medical-escort-flu-coldsIt's that time. Every year, as fall turns to winter, the out-of-state license plates appear on Arizona roads—the snowbirds have arrived in town! At MedFlight911, we also see that influx of new seasonal residents as a sign that flu season has arrived, and with it, an increase in the demand for worldwide air ambulance services.

In Arizona and other sunny states that see an influx of part-time residents in the winter months, flu season can present unique challenges for health care workers, from urgent care centers and hospital ERs to air ambulance crews and case managers. Our Arizona snowbirds tend to be elderly, which means that they're more susceptible to the flu, and if they do get sick, their symptoms tend to be more severe (especially if they have another medical condition). Plus, these seasonal residents often don't have a local doctor, which means they turn to emergency services for care. That, in turn, leads to ambulance delays, crowded hospitals, and overworked case managers who are struggling to line up either ground transport (perhaps via a medical motor coach) or air medical transport so that people can get home to their families and primary care doctors.

If you're a case manager, this flood of patients can quickly become overwhelming. We know that in some cases, the workload can be double or triple the volume of the summer months (after all, it's a busier time for us at MedFlight911 air ambulance as well). To manage the increased demand for medical transport, it's smart to be prepared with a list of air medical transport services you can rely on when a patient needs help. We recommend maintaining a list of different air ambulance providers and their specialities so that you have multiple places to turn when you need to set up a transport. That way, you have a variety of possible solutions for the many different situations you might face.

Taking the time to prepare now can save you time and frustration later. For example, case managers sometimes need to arrange a rotor-wing (or helicopter) air ambulance trip or emergency air medical transport. Those aren't services we provide—we do fixed-wing air ambulance trips, as well as transportation via medical motor coach and air medical escort services. But with a little advance preparation, you won't have to waste time making calls to companies who can't fulfill your needs, because you'll just refer to your list of different providers and their specialities, and start contacting those that are most appropriate until you find someone who can take your patient. Having all those resources at your fingertips allows you solve the problem right out of the gate.

As always, the best defense is a good offense. When possible, plan ahead by making yourself aware of different resources in the area (like MedFlight911 air ambulance). Put together a call list of local, regional, and domestic air ambulance resources ahead of time. Flu season is a busy time of year for health care services across the country, and Arizona isn't alone in our high use of emergency resources. You're inevitably going to run into agencies that simply don't have the ability to meet your needs, so you're going to need to have a back-up plan. It will save you—and your patients—time and stress tomorrow!

Interested in learning more about MedFlight911's air medical transport services? Give us a call at 888-359-1911 or get a no-obligation air medical transport quote here.

Join Us for the 2013 Stepping Stones of Hope Gala

medflight911-charitiesAt MedFlight911 air ambulance, we're in the business of saving lives. The desire to provide the best possible care for our patients and their families is what drives us everyday, and it's such a blessing to be able to help people in their time of need by providing a much-needed air ambulance tripair ambulance trip or an air medical escort. Unfortunately, not every patient we serve gets a happy ending. When you work in the health care field, death is simply a reality. That's why we're thankful that's there are resources like Stepping Stones of Hope.

Stepping Stones of Hope is an Arizona non-profit dedicated to supporting grieving families, children and others who have experienced the death of a loved one. MedFlight911 air ambulance's medical director, Dr. Charles A. Finch D.O., is actually the founder of Camp Paz, a weekend program for grieving families that eventually become Stepping Stones of Hope. For years, the entire MedFlight911 air ambulance team has been proud to support Stepping Stones of Hope in their efforts to provide comfort and healing to members of our community.

That's why we wanted to let you know about the 10th Annual Stepping Stones of Hope Gala. This year's event will take place on November 16 at the Orange Tree Golf Resort in Scottsdale. The event includes a plated dinner and silent auction. Individual tickets are $125, and sponsorships start at $1,500. The deadline to purchase tickets is November 8. The gala is always a memorable, emotional event (at last year's gala, which MedFlight911 air ambulance helped sponsor, there wasn't a dry eye in the house). Most important, the proceeds from your ticket go to support a vital resource in our community. Stepping Stones of Hope's program's include:

  • First Steps, which helps families cope with the early stages of grief
  • Camp Paz, a weekend program for both grown-ups and kids
  • After camp support groups
  • REACH, a camp for teens
  • Camp Paz at School
  • Camp Samantha for kids and grown-ups
  • Educational outreach

If you or someone you know have recently experienced the death of a family member or other loved one, we encourage you to contact Stepping Stones of Hope. Their programs can help you or a loved one learn skills to navigate the grief journey.

Interested in learning more about MedFlight911's air ambulance services? Give us a call at 888-359-1911 or get a no-obligation air medical transport quote here.

From Florida to Boston: Medical Transport Options for a Family in Need

air-ambulance-florida-to-bostonWhen a family is faced with a medical emergency, they naturally want to make sure that their loved one is getting the best possible care in the best possible location. Sometimes, that means having to arrange long distance medical transport. But during such a stressful time, making decisions about transport and care can be challenging. That's where MedFlight911 air ambulance steps in.

Recently, we arranged long distance medical transport for a family who needed to move their elderly father from Florida to Massachusetts. The man was in poor health, and his family wasn't sure how to get him home. That's when they turned to MedFlight911 air ambulance for help. Here's what they had to say about their experience:

"MedFlight 911 air ambulance was the most compassionate and professional company to deal with during the crisis in our family.

We had just lost our mother. At the same time, our dad injured himself caring for her. He ended up in the hospital, unable to move and in severe pain. He was near their vacation home in Florida, while most of the family, along with my mother's burial services, were in Boston. He was not showing any improvement in mobility and pain management , so we got on the computer and began researching ways to get him home so he could be closer to family. When we contacted MedFlight911, we were encouraged by the options they provided us: luxury medical motor coach equipped with two drivers and medical professionals that would go from Florida to Boston non-stop, or an air ambulance equipped with a critical care nurse and paramedic.

We opted for the air ambulance flight. We waited to the last minute to decide, waiting to see how our dad was progressing. The MedFlight911 flight crew made us all feel comfortable.

We had so much on our minds and so many family things to deal with, but one call to MedFlight911 and all transportation from the hospital to the plane and all the ambulance rides to and from were taken care of. The MedFlight911 air ambulance team was in constant contact with us all the way. Thank you all so much for being there when we needed you the most. We would recommend your services to anyone."

We were so happy that we were able to help this family get their father home safely. They were already coping with one loss, and we were glad that we could ease some of their stress by making sure that their father was able to recover closer to his family. If you need long distance medical transport for a loved one, please give us a call. We'd be happy to explain the different options, from an air medical escort to a medical motor coach to an air ambulance and find a solution that meets your needs.

Interested in learning more about MedFlight911's air medical escort services? Give us a call at 888-359-1911 or get a no-obligation air medical transport quote here.


Don't Go It Alone: The Advantages of Flying with an Air Medical Escort

flying-with-medical-escortIt seems like almost every week, there's a story in the news about a medical emergency on board an airplane – there's a sick passenger, a diverted flight and a lot of inconvenience for everyone involved. Many of these incidents are unavoidable. Sometimes, a person just happens to have a heart attack or stroke while in flight. But other emergencies could perhaps have been prevented if the person had chosen to fly via an air ambulance or with an air medical escort.

The MedFlight911 air ambulance isn't just familiar with these types of in-flight medical emergencies from news stories, but because members of our team have often been called upon to help sick or injured passengers. Take a recent incident that one of our air medical escorts experienced. He was getting ready to board a flight so that he could go meet the person he needed to escort. But another passenger happened to collapse in the jetway while boarding the plane. Our escort ended up performing CPR and providing other assistance until the airport's emergency response crew arrived. He was happy to help, of course, but the incident did result in him missing his originally scheduled flight and having to take a later departure.

Everything turned out fine in the end, but that incident was an example of the ripple effect that these medical emergencies can have, affecting not only the sick or injured person, but everyone around them. Again, these situations are often simply unavoidable. But they do seem to be happening with increased regularity. We suspect there are a few reasons for that. One is that more people are flying, including more sick people. Air ambulances can be expensive, and some people can't or won't pay for that type of long distance medical transport. In other cases, people may overestimate their ability to get around independently or convince themselves that they're healthier than they really are. Sometimes, people are just rolling the dice, hoping that nothing goes wrong when they or a sick family member is in transit.

At MedFlight911 air ambulance, we understand that arranging transportation when you're sick or injured can be difficult. If you've been hurt on vacation, for example, you probably just want to get home as quickly as possible, and that may lead you to get on plane by yourself when you really shouldn't. But in reality, the choice isn't necessarily between an expensive advanced air ambulance flight and traveling unaccompanied via a commercial airline. You can also hire an air medical escort – a trained medical professional who will make sure you get to where you need to be and also help see to your medical needs.

Hiring a single person to fly with you is a far more budget-friendly option than chartering an entire air ambulance. For people who could benefit from medical assistance and attention but don't need the support of a fully-equipped air ambulance, the air medical escort can be a personal solution. Not only will it make the trip easier, it will also provide peace of mind, since you'll know that if something happens to you in flight, someone is there to help you. Best of all, you won't be crossing your fingers as the flight attendant gets on the loudspeaker and asks, "Is there are doctor on board?"

Interested in learning more about MedFlight911's air medical escort services? Give us a call at 888-359-1911 or get a no-obligation air medical transport quote here.


News for Arizona Case Managers: Camp Paz from Stepping Stones of Hope

medflight911-CampPazAs an air ambulance provider, some of the most difficult cases we deal with involve children – either sick kids or kids who have an ill family member. We expect that for case managers, the situation is similar; the cases involving kids are always the hardest. That's why MedFlight911 air ambulance is so excited to spread the word about Stepping Stones of Hope's upcoming camp for grieving children.

Camp Paz is Stepping Stones of Hope's special weekend, overnight camp for children who have lost someone close to them. The two-day camp is a special opportunity for these children to be around other kids who have had similar experiences of loss. Through small group discussions, role-play, music, humor, art and other activities, children learn to cope with their feelings. The next Camp Paz weekend is scheduled for October 12 and 13 at Whispering Hope Ranch (WHR) in Payson, Arizona.

MedFlight911 air ambulance has been a proud supporter of Stepping Stones of Hope (an Arizona non-profit "dedicated to providing comprehensive support-based programs, continuum of care and education to grieving children, families, adults and communities") and Camp Paz for many years, and we believe that they provide an absolutely vital service for grieving families and children. medflight911-camppaz-arizona

When we're dealing with difficult long-distance medical transport cases, we often refer families to Stepping Stones of Hope if we think that they could benefit from the services they provide. As a case manager, you undoubtedly have families who are looking for support in a difficult time, and Camp Paz and Stepping Stones of Hope may also be a resource you can turn to. We encourage you to take a look at their website and learn more about the many services they provide: www.steppingstonesofhope.org. In addition to Camp Paz for kids, there's also a Camp Paz for grown-ups, which runs concurrently with the kids' camp, educational outreach programs, and more.

When you deal with difficult medical situations on a daily basis – whether you're a doctor, nurse, air ambulance medic, or case manager – it's hard to not think about the lasting impact of these cases. While we all hope for a positive outcome for every person we come in contact with, sadly that's not always the case. Stepping Stones of Hope is there to help those who are dealing with the most devastating kinds of losses, and we at MedFlight911 air ambulance are so thankful for the service they provide.

Interested in learning more about MedFlight911's air ambulance services? Give us a call at 888-359-1911 or get a no-obligation air medical transport quote here.


Air Ambulances a Critical Link in the Organ Transplant Chain

medflight911-organ-transportOrgan transplants are lifesavers for many critically ill people. But did you know that advanced air ambulances can play a vital role in making sure that patients get the organs that they so desperately need? For some patients who are on the waiting list for a organ transplant, having an air ambulance company like MedFlight911 air ambulance on call can mean the difference between receiving and not receiving an available organ.

To understand the role that an air ambulance provider plays in the organ transplant process, you need to understand how organs get to patients in need. Since there are far more people who need organs (whether it's lungs, a heart, or a kidney), transplant lists are long, and difficult decisions often have to be made about who gets an organ and who has to keep waiting. Patients who are waiting for an organ need to be ready at a moment's notice to travel to a hospital to receive a transplant. For a patient near an appropriate medical center, that may not be a huge burden. But for people located in less central locations, it may mean knowing which air ambulance company to call for long distance medical transport.

Patients who are waiting for a transplant need to develop a plan of action so that they will be able to respond quickly if they move to the top of the transplant list. They need to figure out how to get from their current location to the hospital where the transplant will be performed as fast as possible. Sometimes, a transplant coordinator at the hospital can help them make arrangements (including referring them to a worldwide air ambulance service). But in other cases, the patient is basically on their own. Those individuals need to identify all the resources available to them, whether it's traveling via automobile, commercial flight (perhaps accompanied by an air medical escort), ground ambulance, or international air ambulance.

Why is it so important to plan ahead? Because once a patient gets the call that an organ is available, they need to move fast. The organ is only viable for a relatively short amount of time, so for the transplant to be successful, the surgery needs to be done quickly. If you're simply driving an hour to your local world-class medical center, then you may not have to worry too much. But what if you need to fly from, say, rural Texas to Houston? You could arrange long distance medical transport via an air charter, though that plane won't come with medical personnel and won't be medically equipped, and booking a trip at the last minute could be a challenge. You could fly commercial, but with airlines cutbacks, you can't count on a flight or seat being available when you need it (and unless you've made advance arrangements, you may not be able to find an air medical escort to assist you on your journey). Air ambulances can fly at pretty much any time, but again, you need to plan in advance, since the first company you call may not have planes available when you need them.

So what is a potential transplant patient to do? Our advice is to plan for every contingency. When you have a window of just a few hours (sometimes as little as five) from when you receive a call that an organ's available to your arrival at the hospital, you need to be able to move quickly, whether or not it's via air ambulance. Make a list of options that could work for you, such as ground transportation, commercial flights, and advanced air ambulance. Gather contact information for multiple transport providers, and call them in advance to explain your situation and what you may need. For example, if you think you may need to travel via air ambulance, contact each air ambulance company on your list and tell them about your situation, where you may need to go, and your condition. That way, when you do get that call you've been waiting for, everyone will be more prepared for a successful journey.

Interested in learning more about MedFlight911's air ambulance services? Give us a call at 888-359-1911 or get a no-obligation air medical transport quote here.


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