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Call Us (888) 359-1911
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At MedFlight911, we offer this promise to each and every one of our valued clients: "Our Service Begins with You."

That means from the moment you call our office we will:

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  • Treat your patient / loved one like family.
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June 07, 2012

Prepare for the Worst When Traveling Abroad: Tips from MedFlight911 Air Ambulance

With Memorial Day now behind us, we're heading into the peak summer travel season. But if you're planning on heading abroad this summer, do you know how you would get home if you experienced a medical emergency? MedFlight911 air ambulance offers these tips to help you prepare in case the worst happens:

Visit the doctor before you leave. Depending on your overall health and destination, consider visiting your doctor for a check-up at least several weeks before you depart. You may need vaccinations before visiting certain countries. And if you're planning an adventure-focused trip, you should make sure you’re fit enough for rock climbing, scuba diving, or whatever else might be on your agenda.

Gather information. Before you leave, make sure you know how to contact emergency medical personnel in the country you’re visiting – dialing 911 won't work everywhere. Makes copies of your health information and bring them with you. Also, look into the quality of medical care in the place you'll be visiting, and consider whether you'd need to return to the U.S. to get the treatment you might need. For example, not all countries have the same procedures for screening donated blood as we do in the U.S., which could make receiving a blood transfusion in these places far riskier than it would be at home.

Check your policy. Don't assume that your medical or travel insurance will cover the cost of a worldwide air ambulance or other medical care abroad. Not all policies offer this coverage. If you have questions, don't hesitate to call your insurer and ask about what's covered and what's not.

Consider supplemental insurance. If your existing insurance won't pay for air medical transport, you may be able to buy supplemental travel or medical coverage that will help you cover the expense. (We recommend Medjet Assist.)

Research air ambulance providers. Who would you call if you did need an air ambulance to get back home? Rather than trying to find someone in the heat of the moment, before you leave put together a list of providers you could contact if you do need air medical transport. Having this information handy will make things a little easier if you do face a crisis.

Don't forget medical escorts. Not every medical emergency requires air ambulance transport. If you get sick abroad, but your condition isn't critical, hiring an air medical escort might be a good idea, and it's typically more affordable than an air ambulance. At MedFlight911, our medical escorts travel with patients on commercial flights and help them with everything from boarding the plane to administering medications.

To find out more about MedFlight911's air ambulance services give us a call at 888-359-1911 or get a no-obligation worldwide air ambulance quote here.


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  • J. S. CA

    Dear WONDERFUL folks, First of all our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for the professional and compassionate way in which you have embraced our inquiries into your services. Thank you for all
  • R. N. Venezula

    One more time I would really like to thank you and your crew for all the help getting my father to Houston.
  • A. R. Brussels

    At this level, one firm among those mentioned above, was offering noticeably a best quote: Medflight911.
  • H. W. GA

    MedFlight911's service was Excellent! I would highly recommend MedFlight911 to anyone. The planning was seamless.
  • F. Z. CA

    We appreciated MedFlight911's professional service from beginning to end. You delivered a high-quality, smooth and friendly service not only to my father but also to our whole family.
  • S. L. CA

    Thank you for your hard work and tireless effort in getting my father back to CA. I truly appreciated MedFlight911's capabilities in getting him safely back to his home.
  • Katlin E. OR | Patient

    MedFlight911, I wanted to thank all of you for helping me and my twin boys with our medical transports. Although the trip felt like it was just minutes in length,
  • L. C. TX

    Just a note to say thanks for all that you did for our family this past week. MedFlight911 went way over board in helping with JT's transport.
  • J. T. KY

    MedFlight911 is fantastic! There is a genuine interest in the customer and the family. Communication was informative.
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