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Call Us (888) 359-1911
Call Us (888) 359-1911
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Our Service Begins With You

At MedFlight911, we offer this promise to each and every one of our valued clients: "Our Service Begins with You."

That means from the moment you call our office we will:

  • Go above and beyond to help and serve you.
  • Make the process simple, easy and worry-free.
  • Take care of every detail so you don't have to.
  • Act as your partner and advocate throughout the process.
  • Treat your patient / loved one like family.
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November 27, 2012

We Have Lots to Be Thankful for at MedFlight911 Air Ambulance

One of our family traditions every Thanksgiving is to go around the table before we eat and each person says one thing they’re thankful for. It’s a great opportunity to remind ourselves of how blessed we truly are. Even though Thanksgiving has passed, it feels appropriate to think about all that we’re thankful for as the MedFlight911 “family.” This year, we're giving thanks for:

  • The truly amazing team of professionals we have working with us – from the people in our office arranging transports and communicating with doctors and families, to the medical crews who take such good care of our patients, to the flight crews who get our patients to their destinations safely. We wouldn't be able to help our patients without all the hard work that every one of these individuals puts in every single day. You're the best!
  • Our patients and their families, who have turned to us to help them get to where they need to be in a time of need. No one is never happy to need an advanced air ambulance or commercial medical escort, and we know that most people who contact us looking for information on a transport would rather not be making that call. We're thankful and honored that our patients and their families trust us during what is often a stressful time, and we do everything in our power to ensure that their trust is well-earned.
  • The many people we've met over the past year who have touched our hearts and our lives. We've participated in some incredible transports in the last 12 months (including transporting a young burn victim to the U.S. from the Ukraine and helping a 98-year-old woman travel half-way across the country to see her seriously ill daughter). It's a blessing to be able to help each of the many people we've worked with over the year.
  • Another year with an impeccable record of safe, efficient transports. Air ambulance travel (like all air travel) isn't without risks, but at MedFlight911, we always put the safety of our passengers and crew first. When patients come to us, we're solely responsible for their care, and that's a responsibility that we take very seriously – we don't intend to let anyone down. Once again, we're pleased that we've been able to fulfill our promise of delivering the safest possible air medical transport to those we serve.

If you didn’t do it on Thanksgiving, I hope you're able to take a few moments to reflect on the things that you're thankful for, whether it's good health, a loving family, a warm home, or whatever else gives you peace or joy.

To find out more about MedFlight911's air ambulance services give us a call at 888-359-1911, or click here to get a no-obligation worldwide air ambulance quote.


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  • J. S. CA

    Dear WONDERFUL folks, First of all our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for the professional and compassionate way in which you have embraced our inquiries into your services. Thank you for all
  • F. Z. CA

    We appreciated MedFlight911's professional service from beginning to end. You delivered a high-quality, smooth and friendly service not only to my father but also to our whole family.
  • J. T. KY

    MedFlight911 is fantastic! There is a genuine interest in the customer and the family. Communication was informative.
  • L. C. TX

    Just a note to say thanks for all that you did for our family this past week. MedFlight911 went way over board in helping with JT's transport.
  • R. N. Venezula

    One more time I would really like to thank you and your crew for all the help getting my father to Houston.
  • A. R. Brussels

    At this level, one firm among those mentioned above, was offering noticeably a best quote: Medflight911.
  • S. L. CA

    Thank you for your hard work and tireless effort in getting my father back to CA. I truly appreciated MedFlight911's capabilities in getting him safely back to his home.
  • H. W. GA

    MedFlight911's service was Excellent! I would highly recommend MedFlight911 to anyone. The planning was seamless.
  • Katlin E. OR | Patient

    MedFlight911, I wanted to thank all of you for helping me and my twin boys with our medical transports. Although the trip felt like it was just minutes in length,
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