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Call Us (888) 359-1911
Call Us (888) 359-1911
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Our Service Begins With You

At MedFlight911, we offer this promise to each and every one of our valued clients: "Our Service Begins with You."

That means from the moment you call our office we will:

  • Go above and beyond to help and serve you.
  • Make the process simple, easy and worry-free.
  • Take care of every detail so you don't have to.
  • Act as your partner and advocate throughout the process.
  • Treat your patient / loved one like family.
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MedFlight911 Blog

What Happens if Your Air Ambulance Gets a Flat Tire?

Last week, we wrote a blog about the intricacies involved in maintaining an air ambulance. We discussed the different types of inspections this method of medical transportation requires – specifically A, B, and C certifications. Each of these certifications involve a financial cost in terms of parts, labor, and out of service time for the air ambulance. However, no matter how well maintained an air ambulance is, and MedFlight911's air ambulances are very well maintained, things can break. Or in this case, a tire can get a flat.

When you get a flat tire in a car, what happens? You pull over, call roadside assistance, and then watch from the sidelines as your tire is replace. On air ambulance, the steps are similar. We call for a new tire. However, getting a new tire is not as easy as driving down the street to the local tire store. In fact, the tire we need may not even be in the state. In this case, the air ambulance trip will need to be postponed until another plane can be located and scheduled for the trip.

Even if a tire is available, changing the tire on a Lear Jet involves significantly more effort than changing a car tire. The entire air ambulance needs to be cleared. The patient needs to be taken off the flight to a safe location where their needs can be monitored. While the tire is changed, we need to evaluate the length of time lost. Can we still use the same pilot or is his airtime too limited at this point? When we arrive at our destination will our ground transportation be waiting? Who needs to be informed about our delay?

As we discussed earlier this week, planning a medical transportation trip is like solving a Rubik Cube. When a plane needs unscheduled maintenance, it twists the Rubik Cube and the colors are out of line. Fortunately, we are experts at the Rubik Cube. We can handle the unexpected during a trip because we plan for every contingency. Some times, things are out of your control, but good planning can account for almost anything.

We would love to discuss our medical transportation options with you. Contact us for a no obligation medical transport quote or call us at (888) 359-1911 for more information.

medflight911 planning an airambulanceHow Planning an Air Ambulance Trip is like a Rubik's Cube

One of the most common questions we receive at MedFlight911 is, "What does an air ambulance cost?" In fact, this is one of the most searched questions on Google about medical transportation and with good reason. Everyone knows medical costs can be high and it is always difficult to understand what exactly is covered by insurance. That is why we are here. We are experts in organizing and scheduling air ambulance trips. However, even with that expertise, what exactly an air ambulance trip will cost is still not an easy question to answer.

There are many issues and concerns that go into planning a medical transport trip. In many ways, planning an air ambulance trip is like solving a Rubik's Cube. There may be multiple solutions, but ultimately there is only one correct answer and conclusion. All the colors, or in our case, patient, caregivers, pilots and a plane must line up exactly.

The cost of an air ambulance trip is based on several factors – cost of the airplane, fuel costs, staffing and equipment. Many of these costs are additionally based on where the patient is located and their ultimate destination. While we work diligently to keep costs economical, it is important to remember that when arranging for an air ambulance trip, you are essentially chartering a private plane and hiring private staff for the duration of the trip.

The nursing staff works shifts of 7-14 days on call, moving from airport to airport location across the country as needed. They are not working for two weeks straight without a rest, but they can be moved as needed during that period of time to be ready for a trip. The pilots are legally bound to fly no more than 10 hours in a 24-hour block of time. This means, on long flights, the pilot often needs to be replaced. Add in maintenance expenses for the plane and fuel costs, both of which we have no control over, and you begin to see how complicated planning and pricing can be. These complications are exactly why you hire MedFlight911. Planning trips like this is what we do every day. We have gotten very proficient at the Rubik's Cube!

We would love to speak with you in more detail about our planning. Contact us for a free, no obligation medical transport quote, at 888.359.1911.


How an Air Ambulance is Like a Car. And, How it Really Isn't

medflight911whenisanairambulancelikeacarWhen you provide medical transportation for a living, you have medical devices to maintain. The biggest and easily most expensive "device" to maintain are air ambulances. In many ways the costs you experience with an air ambulance are similar to those you experience while maintaining a car; in many ways, the costs are nowhere near similar.

While maintaining a vehicle, you commonly incur the following costs: a monthly payment or as it is called with an air ambulance, a mortgage payment, insurance, annual inspections, fuel, tires and other part replacements. Air ambulances are commonly Lear Jets. These airplanes are popular because they have longevity, if maintained properly they can be used for decades or more, and their parts are still readily available. This doesn't mean they are inexpensive.

A Lear Jet can commonly cost several million dollars and its parts are priced accordingly. Recently, a plane needed a windshield replaced. A new windshield cost close to $70,000. Another plane required a device certified to receive the contents from an onboard lavatory. This device cost $25,000. In addition to the high costs incurred when a new device is required, that plane is then out of commission and not earning money while being fixed.

Another time planes are out of commission is during inspections. Aircraft undergo four types of inspections: A, B,C, and D. A and B checks are lighter and shorter inspections while C and D are more time consuming checks. An A check is performed every 500-800 flight hours and can be performed overnight, while a B check is every 4-6 months and takes 1-3 days. A C check is performed approximately every two years. This check is much more extensive. The plane is effectively disassembled and every part is examined. This check puts the plane out of commission for 1-2 weeks, can require up to 6,000 man-hours, and can cost up to $200,000!

As you can see, maintaining an airplane is similar and very different than maintaining a car. We take care of all these concerns so you don't have to worry! And always, our biggest goals are to make your travel with us safe, comfortable and as economical as possible.

To find out more about our air ambulance transports and for a no obligation medical transport quote, contact us at (888) 359-1911.

Air Ambulance Worldwide

air ambulance worldwideMedFlight911 offers air ambulance worldwide services to ensure a safe return when you're ill or injured far from home. Accidents do happen, and traveling to other countries does leave the door open for ailments that your system isn't prepared for, even if you get pre-trip vaccinations. That's why it's best to be prepared with an air ambulance service that can safely and quickly get you back home for treatment. When you're hurt or sick, you need privacy and personal attention. You'll get both when you rely on MedFlight911 for medical transportation.

We have a small fleet of turbo prop aircraft and dedicated jets that have been outfitted with the most current medical technology to ensure thorough medical care during transport in our air ambulance worldwide. We know that every case is different, so MedFligh911 has air ambulances that are equipped for basic and advanced life support as well as a critical care transport ambulance. We evaluate each case individually to determine which ambulance will serve you best, putting our top EMTs, paramedics and flight nurses at your disposal to provide quality professional care during transportation. MedFlight911 also strives to make the trip cost-effective and affordable.

MedFlight911 is the Leader in Air Ambulance Worldwide

At MedFlight911 our service begins with you. We go out of our way to make what is usually a traumatic and difficult experience the easiest it can be. Whether you or a loved one require air transport for a critical condition or simply need basic medical attention when transferring from one facility to another, we have the team and the equipment for your support. Our specialty is providing an air ambulance worldwide, but we also offer support on the ground with long-distance ground transports to get you or a loved one safely to medical assistance quickly. Wherever you are in the world, MedFlight911 is there for you.

Fixed Wing Air Ambulance

fixed wing air ambulanceWhen you rely on MedFlight911 for emergency medical air transport, you'll have not just one fixed wing air ambulance at your disposal, but an entire fleet. All of our light, medium and heavy jets as well as our turbo props are medically configured and equipped with the latest medical gear to ensure quality care and your safety during transport. Lear jets, Citations, Gulfstreams and more -- count on MedFlight911 to provide the size of aircraft and the equipment necessary for your situation, no matter what the medical emergency.

A fixed wing air ambulance is essentially any plane with unmoving wings, one that has been outfitted as well as -- and sometimes better than -- any metropolitan emergency room. Depending upon what your needs are, we have the airplane to accommodate you. We not only take into consideration your physical condition and medical needs, but also take into account who you're traveling with. That means that, in addition to basic and advanced life support and critical care transport, we'll also provide an air ambulance large enough to carry you and your family or traveling companions home or to a treatment facility.

Fixed Wing Air Ambulance and Ground Travel with MedFlight911

With MedFlight911's bedside-to-bedside service, we consult with medical professionals on both sides of your journey. This ensures that you get the best possible care and service during transportation, and that your treatment will be seamless. MedFlight911 also has a worldwide presence, so no matter where you are when the need for a fixed wing air ambulance arises, we'll be there with the appropriate aircraft that has been properly equipped and staffed. From simple convalescence to critical medical conditions, our nurses, EMTs and paramedics have the experience and the training to treat any patient. Medical emergencies far from home may not be pleasant scenarios to think of, but when they do arise, think of MedFlight911 first.

Medical Air

MedFlight 911 provides world-class medical air transportation service that transports individuals experience both emergency and non-emergency health crisis within and outside of the United States. Our staff includes an experienced and board certified team of physicians, nurses, and paramedics to serve your family throughout the entire flight.

If you are in need of medical air service, you may have no idea how to reach out or what to consider. Together with our clients, we consider the medical condition of the patient, distance of the trip, and your budget, to design an experience that will be most comfortable for the patient. We offer air ambulance services, air medical escort services, and long distance medical ground transport to ensure that the entire trip is seamless. Each trip is tailored to meet the individual needs of the patient.

Experienced  and Caring Medical Air Transportation

medical airEach aircraft is equipped with medical equipment and supplies including defibrillators, ventilators, intubation equipment, IVs, and other vital equipment. Our experienced team will attend to the basic hygiene of the patient as well as administer any medical the patient needs in flight. We understand that individuals requiring medical air services are usually under a great deal of stress and fear when they fly. Our caring and compassionate medical staff will put you at ease. We do our best to accommodate friends and family members who want to accompany the patient on-flight.

If you require medical air services, we would be happy to talk through flight options and arrange for services that meet your individual needs. For patients who are not in a life or death situation, our non-emergency medical transportation is a more affordable and more appropriate option for those patients. We can arrange for flights in advance and decide what kind of crew and plane is necessary for the needs of the individual.

Medical Transportation

medical transportationVacations are a time for fun and relaxation, so you never consider medical transportation until it becomes necessary. You can plan your itinerary down to every minute of every day, but it all goes out the window if you become ill or have an accident. At that point, the only thing that matters is getting medical assistance and, eventually, home. That's where MedFlight 911 can help, with air ambulance, air medical escort and long distance medical ground transport services, we're the ones you can call on when a medical emergency derails your vacation plans.

The team at MedFlight911 has over 30 years of experience in the medical transportation field. We've seen how devastating it can be for a family when one or two members are injured or ill and isolated far from home. Seeing that our expertise could fill the niche of transporting medical patients, we set out to create an honest and efficient service that centers on the patient and families. The medical personnel on our staff are board-certified physicians and licensed paramedics, flight nurses and respiratory therapists. They're all highly trained and experienced, and know how to deal with a vast range of medical conditions during transportation to keep patients safe and comfortable.

Reliable and Caring Medical Transportation with MedFlight911

MedFlight911 has an extensive service area -- world wide, in fact. Whether you find yourself in a medical crisis away from home in the U.S. or abroad, our services are there. We strive to go the extra mile to accommodate patients and their families, seeing to every last detail so you can concentrate on what matters. We know how we'd like our loved ones treated if we were in the situation of needing transportation for someone who was ill or injured. That's why we treat our clients just like family. Call on MedFlight911 when immediate and safe non-emergency medical transportation or emergency transportation is needed.

Medical Transport

medical transportA lot of people think that the most important thing when it comes to medical transport is the ability to get to the hospital quickly. While this is important, something that is equally if not more important is the quality of care that you get during medical transport. After all, in a worst case scenario, a person dying in transport due to bad care is not helped at all by getting to the hospital quickly. When you choose a private company for medical transport, especially an air transport, you want to ensure that you or whomever you are making arrangements for will be well taken care of during the transport.

Professional Medical Transport with MedFlight911

At MedFlight911 we believe that taking care of our transport patients is the most important thing that we do. Every professional who works at MedFlight911 who has any medical contact with the patients we transport is rigorously certified to do his or her job correctly. Each staff member is certified in several lifesaving core certifications as well as advanced transport certifications. Physicians that travel with a patient are all board certified in emergency medicine which gives you an added assurance that your loved one will be taken care of while on his or her transport.

Scheduling a medical transport can be very difficult because it is simply not something that has to be done very often. When you go with MedFlight911 we do everything we can to simplify the situation. We do everything we can to ensure that your needs are taken care of and that you get the medical care that will save your life. We believe in providing affordable medical services on your time frame, so whether you need a medical transport flight tomorrow, next week, or even next month we can work it out and get you the care that you need.

Medical Travel

medical travelGood ambulatory services can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. Medical travel has come a long ways in the last few years, especially when that medical travel has to be done via air. If you get hurt or sick somewhere that is far away from the correct kind of care you need to be able to get to the right hospital quickly. An air ambulance might be the only way to save your life at that point. It can be difficult to make sure that you are using the right company for your medical travel, which is why at MedFlight911 we care so much about ensuring your safety and health while you are travelling with us.

When most people think of an air ambulance they have pictures of life flight or helicopter wilderness rescues in their head. However, not all medical travel is done this way. Imagine that you are simply in a small town that is relatively far away from a hospital that specializes in trauma. Maybe their life flight covers your town, maybe it does not. You are not in the wilderness, so a volunteer search and rescue force will not do the trick, what you need is an air ambulance.

Call MedFlight911 for Compassionate and Caring Medical Travel

When you contact us our first response is to figure out how to get you the help you need. Whether you are dealing with us directly or a case manager at the hospital is taking care of your air ambulance needs, we are committed to making the process as easy as possible. You need to focus on getting better, something which you cannot do if you have to make dozens of arrangements to get to the hospital. At MedFlight911 you come first, and our job is to get you to the care that you need.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

non emergency medical transportationWhen you're in a life or death situation where the health of a loved one is in jeopardy, enlisting the help of experienced medical professionals in a timely manner is crucial. Medflight 911 knows how stressful these situations can be, which is why we provide both emergency and non-emergency medical transportation for individuals and their families in crisis.

We have specialized in air ambulance service and medical transport for over 30 years, with the goal to alleviate the stress and fear associated with non-emergency medical transportation for every individual we serve. Our medical crews are highly trained to work with a variety of patients, including the elderly, critically injured individuals, and children. No matter the specifics of your situation, we can help you find the appropriate transportation option for your situation. We offer domestic and international flights to get the patient where he or she needs to travel.

Caring and Compassionate Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Our non-emergency medical transportation is one option. If the patient is stable and the patient's health is not critical, non-emergency transportation may be the most appropriate choice and certainly more affordable. On these flights, patients can expect help being lifted and transferred, oxygen support, and basic monitoring from an experienced nurse, paramedic, and/or physician. Medications can also be administered and basic hygiene attended to during flight. Our caring and compassionate staff makes this experience as comfortable as possible for the patient.

When you find yourself in an emergency situation where the health of a loved one is in jeopardy, enlist the services of Medflight 911. Not only do we make the experience itself comfortable and safe, we will also help patients and their families deal with the aftermath of insurance. We ask the questions that you may or may not know to ask. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to serve you throughout the entire process.

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    Dear WONDERFUL folks, First of all our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for the professional and compassionate way in which you have embraced our inquiries into your services. Thank you for all
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    MedFlight911, I wanted to thank all of you for helping me and my twin boys with our medical transports. Although the trip felt like it was just minutes in length,
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